Getting through a “down day”

October 8, 2017

Everyone has a day once in awhile where they feel down. Don’t you?

I do.

I have noticed that I’m more likely to feel down if there is any combination of these things:

  • I’m tired or haven’t been sleeping well
  • I haven’t been eating well
  • Hormones
  • Recent event that triggered “old” feelings
  • When I’m not exercising regularly
  • I am worried about something and don’t know what to do about it
  • When I lose sight of my purpose and values, I forget what is important
  • Little or no focus on things I’m grateful for

I’m sure there could be a million reasons. Enough about those.

What do we do once we are already in the funk?

Here are some things to remember and options for dealing:

  • It won’t last forever, even if it might feel like it.
  • You can use the power of distraction – movies, friends, nature, anything to get your mind focused elsewhere for a bit.
  • Do some work and get to the “why” that’s underneath the funk. There’s a reason. Oftentimes, once we identify that, we are empowered and the funk dissipates.
  • You can absolutely wallow in it if you want to do that. And also ask yourself: “How long do I want to stay here?” This helps the power and responsibility on you to use your ability to choose.
  • Make yourself a super nutritious meal or shake. Sometimes this alone will help me feel better.
  • Take a nap to reset your mind.
  • Plan something exciting or fun just for you.
  • Got a hobby? Throw yourself into it. Don’t have one yet? Start asking yourself what you’d love to try.
  • Anything self-care related. What are some of your favorite ways to recharge and take care of you?
  • Talk it out. Working through feelings aloud can help us process.
  • Journal it! Similar to suggestion above.
  • Do math. Studies have shown that using this part of the brain, because of how it’s wired, in a problem-solving mode makes it difficult to stay in the emotional spiral.
  • Avoid things that you know will make your mood worse!

This post is focused on the once-in-awhile off days. If you struggle with feeling down a lot, please seek a professional to help guide you and construct a therapy plan tailored to you. Please refer to the Resources page on our website.